Locking Pin for Biopsy Port, 100 series (Olympus)
cod. IT02412000
Biopsy Port assembly 3 Parts, 40 series (Olympus)
cod. IT02121300
Air/Water channel 1,50/1,00 L=2040 (Pentax)
cod. IT06001502
Air/Water channel 1,75/1,25 L=2040 (Pentax)
cod. IT06001503
Air/Water channel 1,82/1,25 L=2040 (Pentax)
cod. IT06001504
Air/Water channel 2,00/1,45 L=2040 (Pentax)
cod. IT06001505
Air/Water channel complete assembly 1,00/1,40/1,10 PTFE (GIF-Q160)
cod. IT06001601
Air/Water channel complete assembly 1,40/1,36/1,36 PTFE (PCF-160AL)
cod. IT06001700
Air/Water channel complete assembly 1,40/1,40/1,20 PTFE (JF, PCF)
cod. IT06001800
Air/Water channel complete assembly 1,20/1,20/1,20 PTFE (JF-130, GIF)
cod. IT06001900
Biopsy channel 2,4x1350mm PTFE, coil (Pentax)
cod. IT06002401
Biopsy channel 2,8x1800mm PTFE, coil (Pentax)
cod. IT06002802
Biopsy channel 3,2x1800mm PTFE, coil (Pentax)
cod. IT06003203
Biopsy channel 3,5x1800mm PTFE, coil (Pentax)
cod. IT06003500
Biopsy channel 3,8x1800mm PTFE, coil (Pentax)
cod. IT06003800
Suction channel 3,7mm (Olympus)
cod. IT06003701
Biopsy channel 3,7 Gastro PTFE, coil (Olympus)
cod. IT06003702
Biopsy channel 2,8 Bronch PTFE, coil (Olympus)
cod. IT06002801
Biopsy channel 3,2 Bronch PTFE, coil (Olympus)
cod. IT06003202
Biopsy channel 2,85 Gastro PTFE, coil (Olympus)
cod. IT06002803
Biopsy channel 3,2 Gastro PTFE, coil (Olympus)
cod. IT06003201
Biopsy channel 3,20x1850mm Teflon incl. Spring (Olympus)
cod. IT06003200
Biopsy channel 3,70x1850mm Teflon incl. Spring (Olympus)
cod. IT06003700
Biopsy channel 4,20x1850mm Teflon incl. Spring (Olympus)
cod. IT06004200
Biopsy channel 2,0 Bronch PTFE, coil (Olympus)
cod. IT06002000
Biopsy channel 2,6 Bronch PTFE, coil (Olympus)
cod. IT06002600
Biopsy channel 2,80x1850mm Teflon incl. Spring (Olympus)
cod. IT06002800
3.7 mm Working Channel – 145″ long (Red)
cod. ITOBC3.7X145
Olympus Biopsy Channel 3.7 mm x 72″ long. (Red)
cod. ITOBC3.7X72
Olympus Biopsy Channel 4.2 mm x 78″ long. (Orange)
cod. ITOBC4.2X78
Olympus Biopsy Channel 2.8mm x 96 (Orange)
cod. ITOBC2.8X96
Biopsy Channels 3.2MM x 145″ Long (Yellow)
cod. ITOBC3.2X145
Olympus Biopsy Channel 3.2 mm x 72″ short. (Yellow)
cod. ITOBC3.2X72
Olympus Biopsy Channel 2.8 mm x 48″ long. (Orange)
cod. ITOBC2.8X48
Air Water Channel-1m
cod. IT501200
2.8 x 1854 Pentax Biopsy Channel
cod. IT501201
3.8 X 1854 Pentax Biopsy Channel
cod. IT501202
Biopsy Channel 2.8mm X 145″ +/- 1.00″ Length (Orange)
cod. ITOBC2.8X145
4.2 X 1800mm Biopsy Channel Etched and Wire Wrapped (Teflon)
cod. IT501005
3.7mm Teflon Suction Channel PTFE
cod. IT501007(18010)
3.7 X 1800mm Biopsy Channel Etched and Wire Wrapped (Teflon)
cod. IT501004
2.8 X 1350mm Biopsy Channel Etched and Wire Wrapped (Teflon)
cod. IT501001
2.8 X 1300mm Teflon Biopsy Channel
cod. IT501001-A
2.8 X 1800mm Biopsy Channel Etched and Wire Wrapped (Teflon)
cod. IT501002
3.2 X 1800mm Biopsy Channel Etched and Wire Wrapped (Teflon)
cod. IT501003