Video and Electrical Parts

EL-Connector Inner Frame, 140 series 2-Parts, incl. O-Ring (Olympus)
cod. IT02121000
Light guide connector FS (Pentax)
cod. IT06025500
Light guide connector prong (Pentax)
cod. IT06025600
Image bundle incl. Obj. L=433,70 deg FOV MR-6/9 compatible
cod. IT06000300
Image bundle incl. Obj. L=530,70 deg FOV MR-0642 compatible
cod. IT06001100
Image bundle incl. Obj. L=512,70 deg FOV MR-6/9L compatible
cod. IT06000200
Light bundle EG-3801L (Pentax)
cod. IT06037600
Light bundle GIF-XQ20 (Olympus)
cod. IT06035300
Light bundle EG-2901 (Pentax)
cod. IT06037500
Light bundle GIF-XP10 (Olympus)
cod. IT06035000
Light bundle GIF-XP20 (Olympus)
cod. IT06035100
Light bundle GIF-XQ10 (Olympus)
cod. IT06035200
Light bundle CF-Q140i (Olympus)
cod. IT06033300
Light bundle CF-Q180AL (Olympus)
cod. IT06038500
Light bundle CF-140i (Olympus)
cod. IT06033000
Light bundle CF-Q140L (Olympus)
cod. IT06033200
Light bundle CF-100TL (Olympus)
cod. IT06032600
Light bundle CF-1T100L (Olympus)
cod. IT06032700
Light bundle CF-100L (new style) (Olympus)
cod. IT06032500
Light bundle CF-130i (Olympus)
cod. IT06032800
Light bundle CF-100L (old style) (Olympus)
cod. IT06032400
Light bundle PCF-130L (Olympus)
cod. IT06031900
Light bundle PCF-140L/160L (Olympus)
cod. IT06031700
Light bundle GIF-XQ140 (Olympus)
cod. IT06030500
Light bundle PCF-100 (Olympus)
cod. IT06031500
Light bundle GIF-140 (Olympus)
cod. IT06030300
Light bundle GIF-Q140 (Olympus)
cod. IT06030400
Light bundle GIF-100 (Olympus)
cod. IT06030100
Light bundle GIF-130 (Olympus)
cod. IT06030200
Wire harness/video for 180 series (Olympus)
cod. IT06011300
Wire harness/video for 180-HD series (Olympus)
cod. IT06011301
Ribbon connector 180 series
cod. IT06011401
Video head 100 series (Olympus)
cod. IT06010100
Video head 140 series (Olympus)
cod. IT06010200
Video head 160 series (Olympus)
cod. IT06010300
Video head 180 series (Olympus)
cod. IT06010400
Sapphire Spacer for CCD-Chip Objective 1,65×2,00×0,40 160/180 series (Olympus)
cod. IT05063500
Sapphire negative / CCD cover lens 2,26×0,60 r=0,65 for Gastro PCF-160 (Olympus)
cod. IT05062000
Sapphire negative / CCD cover lens 2,88×1,00 r=0,99 for CF-Q140/160 (Olympus)
cod. IT05062100
Bronchoscope Objective 1,27 (2 lenses for BF-P30/40) (Olympus)
cod. IT04001700
L-guide lens assembly for CF-1T100 (Olympus)
cod. IT03028700
Bronchoscope Objective 1,00 (2 lenses) (Olympus)
cod. IT04001600
L-guide lens assembly for CF100L, CF100S, CF1T100L (Olympus)
cod. IT03025700
L-guide lens assembly for CFQ140/160L (Olympus)
cod. IT03027700
L-guide lens assembly for GIF100, GIFQ140 (Olympus)
cod. IT03024700
Flex circuit/ribbon 180 series
cod. IT03122901
Flex circuit/ribbon 180 series “HD”
cod. IT03122902
L-guide lens assembly for CF100TL, PCF140L, CF140L, GIF130, GIF140 (Olympus)
cod. IT03022400
CCD-Chip cable, 10 wire, blue (Olympus) price per m
cod. IT01010005
CCD-Chip cable, 10 wire, grey (Olympus) price per m
cod. IT01010006
Connector/Bumdy pin (set) 5 set min. order (Olympus)
cod. IT02501140
Connector/Bumdy female (set) 5 set min. order (Olympus)
cod. IT02314100
CCD-Chip cable, 9 wire, brown (Olympus) price per m
cod. IT01010009
CCD-Chip cable, 10 wire, purple (Olympus) price per m
cod. IT01010010
CCD-Chip cable, 4 wire, brown (Olympus) price per m
cod. IT01010007
CCD-Chip cable, 7 wire, white (Olympus) price per m
cod. IT01010008
Pentax EG-2930K Video Connector Retaining Ring. (303 S/S)
Pentax Prong Post fits all Videoscopes. (303 S/S)
Pentax FS-34P Light Connector. (Black Ultem)
Pentax F1-10P Light Connector. (Black Ultem)
Olympus Lightguide Prong Compression Ring fits CYF,CYF2,CYF3 (303 S/S)
Olympus Lightguide Plug Base fits 100,130 Series Scopes. (Aluminum)
cod. ITOLLPB100
Image Bundle Mount For Olympus Models LF-GP (Includes Set Screw) (Black Coated Brass)
Olympus Lightguide Plug fits models CLK3,CLV,CLV10. (Ultem)
cod. ITOLLGP100
Olympus Lightguide Prong Connector, fits 140 & 160 Series Scopes (Aluminum)
Image Bundle Mount For Olympus Models ENF-P4 And ENF-GP (Includes Set Screw) (Black Coated Brass)
Image Bundle Mount For Olympus Models LF-DP And LF-TP (Includes Set Screw) (Black Coated Brass)
Olympus Inner Connector for Lightpost (Phenolic)
cod. ITOLCON001
Olympus Lightguide Prong Connector Coupler fits models CYF, CYF-2, CYF-3 (Phenolic)
Pentax Light Guide Tube fits Small Diameter Scopes (5.7mm X 1441mm)
cod. IT610144
Light Guide Tube for Pentax K Series (14.0 MM) (includes endfittings)
cod. IT610142(15070)
Light Guide Tube for Pentax K Series (14.00 mm x 1440)
cod. IT610143(15060)
Light Guide Bundle Fits GIF-100
cod. IT608014
Light Guide Bundle Fits CF-100TL
cod. IT608016
13.20mm X 1300mm Pentax Light Guide Tube With Endfittings
cod. IT610132(15050)
Lightguide Bundle Fits Pentax EC-3831L
cod. IT608012
Light Guide Bundle for GIF-130
cod. IT608013
Lightguide Bundle Fits Pentax EG-2730
cod. IT608009
Light Guide Bundle Fits Pentax EG-2731
cod. IT608010
Lightguide Bundle Fits Pentax EG-2931
cod. IT608011
Lightguide Bundle Fits Olympus TJF-140
cod. IT608007
Lightguide Bundle Fits Pentax EG-2901
cod. IT608008
Lightguide Bundle Fits Pentax EC-3840L
cod. IT608004
Lightguide Bundle Fits EC-3801L
cod. IT608005
Lightguide Bundle Fits Pentax EG-2970K
cod. IT608006
Light Guide Bundle for GIF-140
cod. IT608002
Lightguide Bundle Fits Pentax EG-2930
cod. IT608003
Light Guide Tube for Olympus Bronchoscopes (7.20 MM) (includes endfittings)
cod. IT607073(15020)
Light Guide Tube For Olympus Scopes (13 x 1415 MM)
cod. IT607131(15030)
Light Guide Bundle Fits Pentax Model EC-3801 w/Molycote
cod. IT608001
Pentax OEM Style VFC Video Button
Light Guide Tube for Olympus Bronchoscopes (7.20 MM)
cod. IT607072(15010)
Video Button Set Fits Pentax 90 Series Scopes
Pentax VFC Video Button (ERPI Design)
Video Button #1-3-4 fits 90 Series Pentax Scopes.
cod. ITPXVB90SB-1-3-4
Video Button #2 fits Pentax Scopes.
cod. ITPXVB90SB-2
Olympus 240 Series Videohead.
cod. ITOLVH240
Video Head For Olympus Model CYF Type V
Olympus JF-140F Series Videohead.
Video Head For Olympus 180 and 180AL Series Scopes With Flex Circuit
cod. ITOLVH180AL